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Natural Attractions and Island Living

While many large hotels and resorts on the island of Grenada seek to satisfy visitors through commercialized creations meant to represent living on the beautiful island, we provide the actual experience of country island living. Real rustic tropical life consists of the untouched vibrant local landscape of Levera National Park and Bathway Beach. On this uncommercialized side of the island of Grenada, peaceful serenity awaits those who are seeking a closer, kinder and healthier way to rejuvenate on your off time before returning to the real world. The property itself presents this country landscape everywhere around you with luscious banana trees, coconut trees, an extensive herbal garden as well as beautiful beaches.  Beyond the Atma property, however, there is even more…

For those looking to experience the various natural experiences of Grenada, there are countless opportunities nearby including experiencing snorkeling, diving, hiking, sailing, biking and so much more!  The island is also lucky enough to be the home of Leatherback turtle species. Some visitors are fortunate to experience Grenada’s largest Leatherback turtle nesting population. From the months of March through to August, Leatherback turtles return to the Grenadian beaches every two years to lay their eggs and bring more of these breathtaking creatures to our habitat.  

Grenada also offers various outdoor settings for guests to explore, each having their own set of once in a lifetime sights and things to do, natures Sulphur springs, rainforests, waterfalls, beaches, small uninhabited islands, clear blue ocean, and mountains can all be found in this one spot.  Local villages provide experiences for the absorption of the Grenadian culture.  Shops, restaurants, and the local markets provide an additional beautiful element to the already paradise.  

Relax, rejuvenate and restore yourself with the health and wellness given to us by nature.


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