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Changing Because of the Change

We are happy to announce we are officially a Villa!

This decision was made for a variety of reasons. Here at Atma Island Living, it has always been our goal to give you a more one on one personal service experience. In keeping in practice with the social distancing rule, we rent out the entire house to a family or group of less than 10. Transforming into a four-room villa, also allows you to be in a social distance environment.

During this time, we have sterilized our facility and are abiding by the protocols set forth for public facilities including dine-in.

Great Changes Despite the Pandemic

The time spent in quarantine has given us moments to reflect on a variety of the ways we live and the decisions we make. A few of these enhancements include:

  1. Meditating and breathing. Meditation and Yoga have always been a practice of the Ayurveda lifestyle. These times can be stressful due to the financial uncertainty as well as the question of will life get back to the way things were and when? Meditation and stillness help clear the mind and allows you to assess your issues in a calmer thought-filled manner. When you focus more on your breathing, your heart beats at an even pace allowing oxygen to pass through in a steady pattern. This, in turn, allows oxygen to reach the brain which in turn helps you think clearer.

Having a relaxed mind allows you to enjoy the moment and process how to move forward without worry.

heliconia flower

2. Spending Time with Nature. Having a villa within walking distance of the beach has its advantages especially during this time. With less vehicular traffic and nature having the chance to get back to itself, slow walks around the villa are something we do daily. While practicing social distancing, we have more time and space to sit and relax on the soft grass or admire the flowers.


3. Creating new recipes. Ayurveda uses organic, natural ingredients when it comes to a healthy diet. During this time it has allowed us to try some of the various recipes formed from the Ayurveda culture. We want to be certain when you stay with us, we can accommodate all types of diets while giving you the experience of a healthy meal regime.

Keep Moving Forward

As we continue to be under regulations and quarantine, it is nice to see some parts of the world are safely reopening under the social distancing regulations. We hope Grenada will open in time for everyone to enjoy our beautiful beaches and culture.

What changes for the better have you made during the quarantine?